The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it unprecedented scenes across all sectors of society, with the hospitality sector being hit hard. Food service operators have not only seen the numbers of people they are able to serve reduced due to social distancing but also have had to adopt new, strict cleaning practices to minimise the spread of germs in everything they do, to help restore consumer confidence.

Hire sanitised & individually packaged cutlery

Whilst it is sometimes seems difficult to remember a pre-COVID world, this was a time where the use of single use disposable plastic had become something to avoid for businesses and consumers alike. The drive was very much towards sustainable products and business practices, to ensure that we protected our environment whilst also delivering sustainable growth. This was one of the many reasons why here at Blue Sky Event Hire we launched our range of reusable plastic cups for festivals and big outdoor events – to move away from the traditional single use disposable pints towards a more eco-friendly solution.

The COVID-19 pandemic, of course, has overridden most things, including the fact that controlling the pandemic and the transmission of germs has taken priority over the environment. With a lot of PPE equipment being disposable and also containing single use plastics, this comes at a cost – from both a financial and environmental perspective. It’s also worth considering that as of 2021, forthcoming EU & UK legislation means that the use of single plastic will be banned. This is why Blue Sky Event Hire has diversified not only into the world of reusable cutlery.

COVID & eco-friendly cutlery hire solution

We have designed a solution for reusable stainless steel or polycarbonate cutlery where we offer a simple rental solution. We deliver clean & sanitised cutlery packs, wrapped in hygienic film, which gives the consumer the confidence that the cutlery they are using is safe to use. At the point when our teams deliver clean product, they also collect the used cutlery, taking it back to our local wash centres to be washed & sanitised, polished and re-wrapped, ready to go back to our customers. So, for hotels, hospitals, restaurants, venues and other establishments, our reusable cutlery solution provides a cost-effective, eco-friendly, COVID-safe and affordable option moving forward.

For more information on this new initiative, please call John Reeves (UK based) on 07736 231 847.