Gas Heaters medium

£130.00 +VAT

Gas heaters are a perfect solution for outdoor events in Marquees, Tipees or Yurts. the units sit outside the main structure for ventalation and the ducting units placed inside your structure blows the hot air in.

The heaters are set on Thermostats so that when the area reaches the right temperature the units will turn themselves off to avoid fuel wastage and over heating. the heaters will then turn back on when the temperature drops again.

Unit information:

Input rating 23.5kW (80000 Btu/h)

Propane gas consumption – 1.7kg/h (3.7lb/h) cu m per min (cu ft per min) heated air output – 12.7 (450)

In near-freezing temperatures we recommend that two gas bottles are used to supply the heaters

3 day price

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