blue velvet barrier ropeblue velvet barrier rope

Blue Velvet Barrier Rope

£6.00 +VAT (3 day rate)

  • Luxury velvet finish
  • Chrome clip at each end
  • Hire together with chrome post
  • Available in quantity
  • Other colours available


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If you are looking to create a stunning entrance area or even section off a display or seminar area at a conference or exhibition, for instance, why not hire our blue velvet barrier rope which is available to rent in large quantities.

Combine our blue velvet barrier rope with chrome posts

This rope combines with our chrome barrier post here online at Blue Sky Event Hire.  The rope itself is blue in colour and has a velvet finish, and has a polished chrome clip at each end of the rope which enables it to clip onto the chrome post. The rope has a length of around 1.5m, though by the time you’ve accounted for the drop in the rope in the middle when suspended between two posts, the distance it will cover is more like 1m.  Therefore, have a look at the distance of run you want to cover with posts and ropes and make the calculation accordingly.  If you need any help with this, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our blue velvet barrier rope is just one of the rope colours available here online – we also offer black and red – so choose the best colour fit for you and your event.

Work with the event hire specialists at Blue Sky Event Hire today where we’ll provide you with an exemplary and hassle free hire experience from start to finish. Contact us either via our website or over the phone – either way, we’ll look forward to hearing from you soon!


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